• Harno Diyansyah Universitas Wiralodra
Keywords: Comic Figure, Speaking, Media


English is an international language that is the language for science, business
communication, and technology. Many scientific books are written in English .But in
fact learning English as second language still became a problem for us. This might be
caused by the differences between English language and Indonesian language
especially in communication each other. Basically, there are four skills required in
English teaching learning program. They are reading, speaking, listening and writing.
Base on those skill, speaking is one of the most important skill in language learning.
By speaking, we can convey information and ideas, and maintain social relationship
by communicating with others. By speaking people make interaction between
individual and community. The writer tried to use comic figure as media to develop
student in speaking skill, the reason is because every comic figures have strange
character, identity, and habitually who inspirited and influence many students. Comic
figures are fun media to make students interest in learning English especially in
speaking subject. Comic figure may usual media, but comic figure made is because the
developer has massage whom want to tells to everyone. Then the writer discus and
analyzed base on result of research to answer research question. These researches
discuss the English (speaking context) in classroom using comic figures and the
students’ activity and responses toward comic figures. This research also to improve
the writer and students trough post-test (for the students). The last is chapter is
explained about the result of research, conclusion. The result indicates that there were
many positive progress toward students’ speaking score as the answer of formulation
of the problem, students activity and teacher (researcher) behaviors. It was proven by
the increase of students speaking score and class average score. The use of comic
figures to develop students speaking skill was getting positive responses and able to
develop students speaking skill. The last, the writer hope the use of comic figures will
give contribution to solve the problem on learning process


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