Gema Wiralodra Gema Wiralodra Universitas Wiralodra en-US Gema Wiralodra 1693-7945 <p>The use of non-commercial articles will be governed by the Creative Commons Attribution license as currently approved at <a href=""></a>. This license allows users to (1) <strong>Share (</strong>copy and redistribute the material in any medium) or format; (2) <strong>Adapt (</strong>remix, transform, and build upon the material), for any purpose, even commercially.</p> Analysis of public responses to political controversies in the beauty industry: A case study of Rose All Day and Esqa Brand owners in support of Israel <p>On October 30, 2023, Indonesia's beauty industry was shocked by the boycott of two well-known local brands, ESQA and Rose All Day. The trigger for this boycott was the actions of the owners of the two brands, Angelina Cindy and Tiffany Danielle, who gave support to Israel by "liking" Gal Gadot's controversial post. The public response to this action led to disappointment and boycott from most Indonesian netizens. This research uses a qualitative method with a literature study approach. Analysis was conducted on the chronology of events, public responses on social media, and apologies from brand owners. The data was analyzed to understand the impact of individual actions in the context of social media and how public responses affect brand reputation. A simple action such as a "like" on social media by a brand owner can trigger a large public response and significantly affect brand reputation. Public responses to political controversies can result in product boycotts and create pressure on companies to take a stand. The brand owners, in this case Angelina Cindy and Tiffany Danielle, responded by apologizing and clarifying their stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This incident highlights the complexity of public response, the impact of individuals in the age of social media, and the need for dialog and education in dealing with sensitive issues.</p> Gusti Nadya Nazahra Copyright (c) 2024 Gusti Nadya Nazahra 2024-02-21 2024-02-21 15 1 350 354 10.31943/gw.v15i1.630 Violence within women's prisons and its implications on reintegration effectiveness <p>The involvement of women in various aspects of life, both socially and economically, has exposed the potential for criminal behaviour among women. This situation has led to the phenomenon of women's involvement in criminal acts commonly associated with men, such as robbery, murder, organized crime, and human trafficking. Poor social and economic conditions tend to be triggering factors and solid reasons for women to engage in criminal activities. This background has become the basis for the increasing number of women in prison in Indonesia, opening the possibility of various forms of violence within women's prisons. This presents a significant challenge for the management of women's prisons in optimizing the reintegration system due to the escalation of significant demotivation resulting from the violence experienced by female inmates, both among themselves and with prison staff. This research employs an exploratory qualitative approach, focusing on women involved in criminal cases and sentenced to prison. Primary data from interview results are descriptively analysed, producing a comprehensive, authentic, and representative narrative. The findings of this study indicate that the concept of punishment in Indonesia still emphasizes punitive functions over corrective functions, where both physical and mental violence are considered effective forms of punishment, especially for women. Violence occurring within women's prisons is then negatively responded to and becomes a driving factor for the decreased interest of female inmates in succeeding in the reintegration program. This reluctance then triggers a negative response from the staff in the form of violence against female inmates. A solution to mitigate violence in women's prisons is the placement in open prisons, with the involvement of independent external parties in both the supervision process and the implementation of reintegration programs to achieve an inclusive and constructive effect for all parties involved.</p> Hamja Hamja Murtiningsih Kartini Asep Susanto Copyright (c) 2024 Hamja, Murtiningsih Kartini, Asep Susanto 2024-01-13 2024-01-13 15 1 1 9 10.31943/gw.v15i1.251 Optimization of the e-learning system for efficiency of participant registration times at training institutions: Case study at an ESAS management institute <p>Application e-learning technology has become integral to management education and training in various institutions. One of the aspect keys in context is the efficiency of time registration of participants. This article documents studies of cases carried out at the ESAS Management Institute, which aims to optimize the e-learning system to increase efficiency in the time registration of participants. This study integrates qualitative and quantitative methodology to comprehensively understand changes that occur in participants' registration process after the implementation of the e-learning system. Research results show significant improvement in speed registration participants. Queues and times wait participants are reduced, and e-learning systems provide 24/7 availability, eliminating limited time in the registration process. Verification documents become more accurate, reducing the risk of error, man. In evaluating sustainability, participants and staff administration give bait to come back optimistic about change. This article also highlights the importance of data collection and evaluation sustainability in maintaining and improving the efficiency system. This study gives a strong foundation for institutions with other training to optimize their e-learning system for efficient time registration participants. Thus, the article gives a valuable guide in adopting e-learning technology to increase the experience of participants and the efficiency of administrative processes in institutional training.</p> Eris Sutrisna Franciskus Antonius Alijoyo Copyright (c) 2023 Eris Sutrisna 2024-01-13 2024-01-13 15 1 10 18 10.31943/gw.v15i1.619 The influence of organizational culture on employee performance with work discipline as an intervening variable at PT Bersama Makmur Raharja Padang <p>This study aims to analyze the influence of organizational culture on employee performance with work discipline as an intervening variable at PT Bersama Makmur Raharja Padang. This research uses a quantitative approach. The sample in this study consists of permanent employees of PT Bersama Makmur Raharja Padang, with a population of 111 respondents, and the sample size includes all employees in the population, totaling 111 respondents. The data source for this research is primary data collected through offline questionnaire distribution. The data analysis method in this study uses Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with the Smart PLS program. The results of this study indicate that organizational culture has a positive and significant effect on employee performance, organizational culture has a positive and significant effect on work discipline, work discipline has a positive and significant effect on employee performance, and organizational culture has a positive and significant effect on employee performance mediated by work discipline.</p> Gema Wiharti Isnurhadi Isnurhadi Muhammad Ichsan Hadjri Copyright (c) 2024 Gema Wiharti, Isnurhadi Isnurhadi, Muhammad Ichsan Hadjri 2024-01-14 2024-01-14 15 1 19 31 10.31943/gw.v15i1.658 Enhancing transparency and accountability in public administration through information technology utilization <p>Many problems regarding the use of information technology to provide and increase transparency and accountability in public administration must be studied more deeply. Based on these problems, this study aims to explore and examine the use of information technology in increasing transparency and accountability in terms of public administration. The method used in this study is the qualitative research method. Data Collection Techniques in this study go through three stages: observation, interviews, and search for supporting written data. After the data is obtained, data analysis is carried out. Data analysis is carried out using qualitative analysis methods. The findings underscore that IT implementation significantly improves accessibility to public information, fosters a culture of efficiency through streamlined administrative practices, and strengthens oversight mechanisms. Moreover, the study identifies challenges related to data security, disparities in IT access, and resistance to technological change within administrative structures. Recognizing the necessity for comprehensive policies, the research emphasizes the need for governance frameworks that embrace technological advancements and address associated challenges. The study advocates for a holistic approach to maximize the positive impact of IT on transparency and accountability in public administration. This research contributes to the discourse on the intersection of technology and governance, providing insights that can inform policymakers, administrators, and researchers in advancing effective strategies for utilizing IT to foster transparency and accountability in public administration.</p> Risman Sarifudin Fritz Hotman Syahmahita Damanik Copyright (c) 2024 Risman Sarifudin, Fritz Hotman Syahmahita Damanik 2024-01-15 2024-01-15 15 1 32 40 10.31943/gw.v15i1.661 Analysis of factors related to the performance of implementing nurses at Permata Bunda Medan Hospital <p>This study aimed to determine the factors associated with the performance of implementing nurses. This type of research is quantitative research with a cross-sectional approach. The population in this study were the nurses who worked in the inpatient room of Permata Bunda Hospital in Medan. The sample is determined by total sampling which amounted to 140 people. Data collection was using a questionnaire. The analysis methods are univariate, bivariate, and multivariate and are presented in narrative and table form. The univariate analysis revealed key demographic trends among respondents, indicating a predominance of female participants with undergraduate bachelor's degrees, aged 21-30 years, and having an average work experience of 2-5 years. Additionally, factors such as good supervision, training, wage system, environment, and facilities were generally reported positively by the majority of respondents. Bivariate analysis demonstrated significant correlations with nurse performance between supervisory, training, wage system, environmental, and facility factors. The multivariate analysis identified facility factors as the dominant influencer on nurse performance, with an Exp (B) value of 8.357. The implication of this research is the need for improvement in supervision, training, payroll system, work environment, and facilities to support the performance of implementing nurses at Permata Bunda Medan Hospital.</p> Rizkia Utikasari Rosetty Rita Sipayung Copyright (c) 2024 Rizkia Utikasari, Rosetty Rita Sipayung 2024-01-15 2024-01-15 15 1 41 555 10.31943/gw.v15i1.615 Conservation status of flora and fauna in the nickel mining area of PT Hengjaya Mineralindo <p>Indonesia is an archipelagic country with a high level of biodiversity from the sea to the mountains. Likewise, the island of Sulawesi has a variety of endemic flora and fauna with an extraordinary level of endemicity. This rich flora and fauna face various threats that cause ecosystem degradation. This research is intended to review the level of flora and fauna status in the Sulawesi region, especially in the PT Hengjaya Mineralindo mining area in Bungku Pesisir and Bahodopi District, Central Sulawesi. Based on observations in areas with code HA WD 06, HA Pit Central, HA Arboretum 1 and HA Arboretum 2 areas, it was found that some flora and fauna were categorized as being in conservation status by Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation No. P 106 Concerning Protected Plants and Animals, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Thus, the company will always strive to encourage ecological succession to achieve ecosystem stability in the future through sustainable practices.</p> Muchtazar Muchtazar Harry Cahyono Virgo Lelono Firda Lestari Copyright (c) 2024 Muchtazar Muchtazar, Harry Cahyono , Virgo Lelono , Firda Lestari 2024-01-17 2024-01-17 15 1 56 65 10.31943/gw.v15i1.614 The effect of self-efficacy and job attachment on employee performance with job satisfaction as an intervening variable in employees of PT Belitang Panen Raya Ogan Komering Ulu Timur <p>This research aims to determine the influence of self-efficacy and work engagement on employee performance with job satisfaction as an intervening variable at PT Belitang Panen Raya Ogan Komering Ulu Timur employees. This research includes quantitative research. The research sample was 109 active employees at PT Belitang Panen Raya. Data collection techniques were carried out by providing self-efficacy questionnaires, work engagement, employee performance questionnaires and job satisfaction. The data analysis method in this research is Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) using the SmartPLS application. The results of this research show that self-efficacy has a positive and significant effect on the performance of PT Belitang Panen Raya employees. Work engagement has a negative and insignificant effect on the performance of PT Belitang Panen Raya employees. Job satisfaction has a positive and significant effect on the performance of PT Belitang Panen Raya employees. Self-efficacy has a positive and significant effect on the performance of PT employees. Belitang Panen Raya through job satisfaction as an intervening variable. Work engagement has a positive and significant effect on the performance of PT employees. Belitang Panen Raya through job satisfaction as an intervening variable</p> Sindyania Sindyania Marlina Widiyanti Muhammad Ichsan Hadjri Yos Karimudin Agustina Hanafi Copyright (c) 2024 Sindyania Sindyania, Marlina Widiyanti, Muhammad Ichsan Hadjri, Yos Karimudin, Agustina Hanafi 2024-01-17 2024-01-17 15 1 66 76 10.31943/gw.v15i1.662 Customer Loyalty: the influence of company image, service quality, and customer satisfaction as mediators <p>This study aims to determine the effect of company image and service quality on customer loyalty through customer satisfaction at PT PLN (Persero) ULP Teluk Segara. This research methodology uses a questionnaire as a data collection tool obtained from PT PLN (Persero) ULP Teluk Segara. The sampling method uses a non-probability strategy technique with a sample of 120 respondents who use company services at PT PLN (Persero) ULP Teluk Segara. The analysis used is the Structural Equation Model (SEM), which is processed using SmartPLS. The results of the analysis show: 1) Company image has a significant effect on customer satisfaction; 2) Service quality has a significant effect on customer satisfaction; 3) Customer satisfaction has a significant effect on customer loyalty; 4) Company image has a significant effect on customer loyalty; 5) Service quality has a significant effect on customer loyalty; 6) Company image has a significant effect through customer satisfaction on customer loyalty; 7) Service quality has a significant effect through customer satisfaction on customer loyalty. With the findings of this study, it is hoped that the PT PLN (Persero) Teluk Segara ULP company can focus more on improving its image and service quality to increase customer satisfaction, which will ultimately support higher customer loyalty.</p> Dea Astry Safirda Muhartini Salim Copyright (c) 2024 Dea Astry Safirda, Muhartini Salim 2024-01-21 2024-01-21 15 1 77 86 10.31943/gw.v15i1.639 The influence of product quality and brand image on consumer loyalty is mediated by customer satisfaction <p>Based on BPS 2021, Indonesia's cosmetics industry grew by 9.61%. BPOM recorded a 20.6% surge in cosmetics companies in 2022 and continued to increase in 2023. Indonesians trust local products to care for themselves; for example, Scarlett whitening dominated the market share with 11.32% (thus becoming the top brand), with IDR 23.8 billion in the second quarter of 2022. The research I conducted in October 2023 was quantitative, distributing questionnaires filled out by 140 respondents who used Scarlett Whitening throughout Indonesia. Then, the data was processed using SmartPLS4 (PLS-SEM). The results showed that Product quality has a significant effect on customer satisfaction, Brand image has a significant effect on customer satisfaction, Product quality has a significant effect on Customer Loyalty, Brand image has a significant effect on customer loyalty, Product quality has a significant effect on customer loyalty through customer satisfaction as a mediating variable; Brand image has a significant effect on Customer Loyalty through customer satisfaction as a mediating variable; Customer satisfaction has a significant effect on Customer Loyalty. These results provide insight for consumers in choosing products and things for companies that can increase Customer Loyalty. It is recommended that future research consider more factors that affect customer loyalty.</p> Nochia Vedora Alfeb Muhartini Salim Copyright (c) 2024 Nochia Vedora Alfeb, Muhartini Salim 2024-01-21 2024-01-21 15 1 87 98 10.31943/gw.v15i1.640 Transitioning from public figures to entrepreneur: Analyzing the impact of influencer credibility on eliciting consumer purchase intention <p>Influencer endorsements are one of the most popular marketing communications tools used by cosmetic products to shape consumer behavior. This study aims to analyze the effect of social media influencers' endorsement on consumer behavior in purchasing cosmetic products and explore the attributes of influencers who significantly impact this behavior. This research design uses a quantitative descriptive approach, which focuses on measuring variables to find patterns, relationships, and generalizations that can be applied to a wider population. Data analysis in this study used the SEM model with the help of SmartPLS 4.0 software. The research sample consisted of 128 people, with respondents categorized as having used mother-of-pearl products in Bengkulu City. According to the research findings, only 122 individuals were deemed eligible to be included as respondents. The research was conducted in November 2023. The research results show that an influencer's expertise, attractiveness, and suitability can increase their credibility. In contrast, an influencer's credibility can influence a person's intention to purchase cosmetic products. This is evidenced by a t-statistic value exceeding 1.96 and a p-value below 0.05. Meanwhile, the trust variable has an insignificant effect on credibility and purchase intention if mediated by credibility. This is evidenced by a T-statistic value below 1.96 and a p-value over 0.05. All hypotheses in this study can be declared accepted except hypothesis 1 and hypothesis 6a.</p> Rani Rani Muhammad Yasser Iqbal Daulay Copyright (c) 2024 Rani Rani, Muhammad Yasser Iqbal Daulay 2024-01-21 2024-01-21 15 1 99 110 10.31943/gw.v15i1.648 The influence of green perceived value and green awareness on purchasing decisions through purchase interest <p>Awareness of sustainable purchasing decisions. This study uses quantitative methods with an associative descriptive approach and data processing using the PLS-SEM 4 application. The research population includes consumers of Alfamart customers in Bengkulu who have purchased environmentally friendly shopping bags. The questionnaire was distributed to 100 respondents. The results showed a significant influence between Green Perceived Value and Green Awareness on purchasing decisions for environmentally friendly shopping bags through purchase interest based on simultaneous and partial hypothesis testing. The study concludes that Green Perceived Value and Green Awareness significantly influence Purchase Interest and Purchasing Decisions related to environmentally friendly shopping bags. The findings emphasize the importance of incorporating environmental values, increasing consumer awareness, and generating buying interest in marketing strategies. Future research should expand sample coverage and consider additional factors like socio-economic variables, consumer preferences, and specific marketing strategies influencing purchase decisions for such products. These findings have practical implications for manufacturers and marketers, suggesting the importance of integrating environmental values into marketing strategies to increase consumer awareness and foster buying interest in eco-friendly products. The results offer valuable guidance for designing effective strategies that align with consumer preferences for sustainability. Future research should expand sample coverage and consider additional factors, such as socio-economic variables, to refine marketing approaches for environmentally friendly products further.</p> Muhammad Hafizh Alamsyah Muhartini Salim Copyright (c) 2024 Muhammad Hafizh Alamsyah, Muhartini Salim 2024-01-21 2024-01-21 15 1 111 120 10.31943/gw.v15i1.642 The influence of product quality and Word of Mouth (WOM) on repurchase intentions through the mediation of consumer satisfaction <p>Repurchase intention is one of the main goals of the marketing strategy planned by every businessperson. This research aims to determine the direct influence of product quality and word of mouth on repurchase intentions, which is mediated by consumer satisfaction with Mixue products in Bengkulu City, which occurs due to the phenomenon of the Mixue brand, which is starting to mushroom in every region of Indonesia. The research method uses a quantitative approach, with a sample of 100 respondents using a purposive sampling. Data is processed using SmartPLS 4. The research results show that product quality and word of mouth have a significant effect on consumer satisfaction, consumer satisfaction has a significant effect on repurchase intention, product quality has no significant effect on repurchase intention, word of mouth has a significant effect on repurchase intention, product quality and word of mouth has a significant effect on repurchase intention through consumer satisfaction. This research provides insight for companies to increase consumers repurchase intentions by recognizing the positive impact of product quality and word of mouth in helping companies achieve customer loyalty and sustainable business growth.</p> Ipen Sartika Muhartini Salim Copyright (c) 2024 Ipen Sartika, Muhartini Salim 2024-01-21 2024-01-21 15 1 121 130 10.31943/gw.v15i1.637 The influence of micro-influencers and content marketing through customer engagement on purchasing decisions <p>Technology has had a huge impact on the marketing field. In today's digital era, technology has completely changed the way we interact and communicate with customers. Instagram is the object of research because this platform has become one of the largest and most popular social media in the world. This research aims to determine the influence of micro-influencers and content marketing through customer engagement on product purchasing decisions on Instagram. The data obtained by this research is through a questionnaire from 100 respondents. Instagram users. This research data was processed using SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) using the SmartPLS4 application. The results of this research show the positive influence of Micro-influencers on Customer engagement, Content marketing on Customer engagement, Micro-influencers on purchasing decisions, Content marketing on purchasing decisions, Customer engagement on purchasing decisions, and Micro influencers on work decisions through customer engagement. Content marketing on employment decisions through customer engagement. Implementation for companies that market their products via Instagram is expected to use Micro-Influencers and Content Marketing to attract buyers and good customer engagement, resulting in purchasing decisions on the Instagram application.</p> Rudi Setiawan Muhartini Salim Copyright (c) 2024 Rudi Setiawan, Muhartini Salim 2024-01-21 2024-01-21 15 1 121 128 Capital reserve calculation analysis of operational risk in submarine cable service portfolio <p>This study analyzes the amount of capital reserves required for the Submarine Cable Service PT AAA to mitigate the risk of delays in completing work without disrupting the company's cash flow. Data used in this paper is the operational loss of delay work in the Submarine Cable Service portfolio from 2016 to 2019. The method and analysis used in this paper are the Monte Carlo simulation to calculate Operation Risk Variance (OpVar) by analyzing the distribution of severity and frequency. The result of the study shows that delayed work is the risk that has the most influence on the company's cash flow. PT AAA needs Rp 2.16 billion per event as capital reserve PT AAA to mitigate the risk of work delays in the Submarine Cable Service portfolio. Risk mitigation needs to minimize the potential loss are choosing the right partner in the operational process, scheduling the cable repair process, and securing the amount of capital reserve that has been counted.</p> Febriyati Kusumawardhani Dewi Hanggraeni Copyright (c) 2024 Febriyati Kusumawardhani, Dewi Hanggraeni 2024-01-27 2024-01-27 15 1 10.31943/gw.v15i1.602 Professional zakat empowerment strategy for improving community welfare in Central Lombok <p>Professional zakat is one of the zakat instruments that can potentially improve the community's welfare. However, this potential has not been optimally exploited. Therefore, efforts are needed to improve the empowerment of zakat professionals. This study aims to analyze the strategy of empowering zakat professionals to improve community welfare in Central Lombok. This research uses qualitative research methods. This method collects data and information through in-depth interviews, observations, and document studies. The data that has been collected is then analyzed in three stages, namely data reduction, data presentation and conclusion drawing. The results showed that professional zakat has great potential to improve community welfare. Empowering professional zakat to improve community welfare in Central Lombok can be done in several ways, including increasing public awareness, organized professional zakat management, adequate professional zakat policies and regulations. So it can be concluded that the potential for professional zakat in NTB Province is very large and can be an important source of funds to improve community welfare. Professional zakat empowerment strategies need to be prepared and implemented in a planned and structured manner so that they can have a significant impact on improving community welfare.</p> Junaidi Junaidi Abdul Malik Copyright (c) 2024 Junaidi Junaidi, Abdul Malik 2024-01-27 2024-01-27 15 1 136 144 10.31943/gw.v15i1.646 Criminal penalties for individuals who create stickers with other people's faces <p>The crime category is people who edit stickers with other people's faces that are distributed via online media. This study uses a legal-normative research method. Data was collected using a literature study on related legal materials and analyzed descriptively. The research results are based on the Information and Electronic Transactions Law (UU ITE) and the Copyright Law. ITE Law Article 32 Paragraph (1) Article 32 Paragraph (1) of the ITE Law states that making WhatsApp stickers with a person's face without permission, which can insult, harass, or harm the individual's reputation, can be considered a violation of this article. Violations of this article may be subject to criminal penalties and/or fines under the provisions of the ITE Law Article 48 Paragraph (1). Article 48 Paragraph (1) regulates criminal sanctions for violations included in the offense of complaints. If proven to violate and offend the person in the photo, they can be subject to sanctions under the ITE Law, according to Article 27 paragraph (3) of the ITE Law, namely under Article 45 paragraph (1) The ITE Law, which states that you can be punished with imprisonment for a maximum of 6 (six) years and/or a fine of a maximum of IDR 1,000,000,000. Implications include increased scrutiny of digital content and potential policy revisions to strengthen legal protections for individuals who are victims of unauthorized use of their faces.</p> Danang Arif Kurniawan Copyright (c) 2024 Danang Arif Kurniawan 2024-01-28 2024-01-28 15 1 145 150 10.31943/gw.v15i1.651 The use of dexmedetomidine in suppressing cardiovascular response due to intubation in general anesthesia <p>Endotracheal intubation is commonly used to maintain a safe airway during general anesthesia. This intubation action can trigger a dangerous response for the patient, one of which is the cardiovascular system. Increases in arterial blood pressure, plasma catecholamine levels, and heart rate are responses that can occur during intubation. Therefore, various methods and treatments have been used to control this cardiovascular response, including dexmedetomidine. Dexmedetomidine is a highly selective α2-adrenergic receptor agonist that has analgesic, sympatholytic, and sedative effects with minimal depression of ventilation. Much research has been done on how well dexmedetomidine works to stop the cardiovascular response to intubation. Dexmedetomidine was significantly associated with reductions in heart rate, systolic blood pressure, and MAP.</p> Zulfikar Zulfikar Copyright (c) 2024 Zulfikar Zulfikar 2024-01-28 2024-01-28 15 1 151 155 10.31943/gw.v15i1.620 Applying coffee processing waste as an organic material against growth and yield of caisim plant (Brassica chinensis var. parachinensis) <p>The research aimed to examine the quality of coffee waste in solid and liquid material in promoting the growth and yield of caisim plants (<em>Brassica chinensis var. parachinensis</em>). This research was conducted from November until December 2023 in Sukabumi Roadway, RT. 002 RW. 001 Ciwedus Village, Cilegon District, Cilegon city, Banten. The experimental design used in this study was a Randomized Block Design (RBD) consisting of one factor, which is with eight treatment levels: without fertilizer application (control) (P0), 10 g of solid coffee processing waste compost (P1), 20 g of solid coffee processing waste compost (P2), 30 g of solid coffee processing waste compost (P3), 100 ml liquid coffee processing waste compost (P4), 150 ml liquid coffee processing waste compost (P5), 200 ml liquid coffee processing waste compost (P6), and 250 ml liquid coffee processing waste compost (P7). The results showed that treatment P5, gave the best results in terms of growth in plant height (26.30 cm), number of leaves (9.00 leaves), plant fresh weight (43.23 g), root wet weight (4.03 g), and root length (17.80 cm). For solid coffee ground treatment, the P3 treatment has a significant effect on plant height (25.30 cm), number of leaves (7.00 leaves), plant wet weight (22.60 g), and root length (17.03 cm). The findings of this research theoretically support the theory proposed by Putri et al. in 2017, indicating that the application of 30g/150 ml had the most favorable impact on the growth of lettuce plants (<em>Lactuca sativa</em> L.).</p> Fadli Setio Pramesti Dewi Firnia Widia Eka Putri Abdul Hasyim Sodiq Copyright (c) 2024 Fadli Setio Pramesti, Dewi Firnia, Widia Eka Putri, Abdul Hasyim Sodiq 2024-01-28 2024-01-28 15 1 156 166 10.31943/gw.v15i1.669 The effect of coffee grounds compost and planting media on the growth and yield of kailan plants (Brassica oleracea L.) <p>The research aimed to determine the effect of composting from coffee waste and planting media composition on the growth and yield of the kailan plant (<em>Brassica oleracea</em> L.). This research was conducted from June until September 2023 in Pagenjahan Village, Kronjo District, Tangerang Banten. The method used a Randomized Completely Block Design (RCBD) as factorial with two factors and analyzed using SPSS. The first factor was the Compost from Coffee Waste (K) which consisted of four levels namely; 0 g Coffee Waste (K1), 10 g Coffee Waste (K2), 20 g Coffee Waste (K3), and 30 g Coffee Waste (K3). The second factor was the Planting Media Composition (M) which consisted of three levels namely; Topsoil Planting Media (M1), Topsoil Planting Media + Rice Husk Charcoal 1:1 (M2), Topsoil Planting Media + Cocopeat 1:1 (M3). The results showed that compost from coffee waste with 20 g dose (K2) had the best effect on the number of leaves at 14 DAP (Days After Planting), leaf area, total fresh weight, fresh weight consumption, and dry weight parameters. Planting media composition with Topsoil Planting Media + Cocopeat 1:1 (M3) had the best effect on the leaf area parameter. There was an interaction between compost from coffee waste and planting media composition on plant height at 14 DAP and 28 DAP. Nasution (2014), coffee waste influences the growth and yield of long bean plants (<em>Vigna sinensis</em> L.) and the best concentration is 20 grams.</p> Antoseno Priyo Hutomo Sri Ritawati Kiki Roidelindho Putra Utama Copyright (c) 2024 Antoseno Priyo Hutomo, Sri Ritawati, Kiki Roidelindho, Putra Utama 2024-01-28 2024-01-28 15 1 167 180 10.31943/gw.v15i1.672 The influence of leadership style on employee performance through work motivation at the secretariat of Simeulue Regency <p>This study examines the effect of leadership style on employee performance at the Regional Secretariat of Simeulue Regency through work motivation. This study used a quantitative approach, involving 85 respondents from various units in the Secretariat. Data were collected through questionnaires covering leadership style, work motivation, and employee performance. The data that has been collected is then analyzed using a regression test with the help of the SPSS statistical program. The results of the statistical analysis show that leadership style does not significantly influence employee performance (t=1.600, sig=0.114). However, leadership style positively and significantly influences work motivation (t=4.879, sig=0.000). Work motivation, in turn, has a positive and significant impact on employee performance (t=2.609, sig=0.011). Path analysis and the Sobel test support that work motivation mediates between leadership style and employee performance. These results make an important contribution to the practical and theoretical understanding of how leadership style can influence employee performance through the mediating variable of work motivation in the local government context. Practical recommendations include developing management strategies that emphasize developing management strategies that emphasize improving work motivation, taking into account the aspects of leadership style identified in this study. This research provides a basis for further discussion and corrective action to improve leadership effectiveness and organizational performance in the Regional Secretariat of Simeulue Regency.</p> Ahmadlyah Ahmadlyah Hasyim Hasyim Lula Nadia Copyright (c) 2024 Ahmadlyah Ahmadlyah, Hasyim Hasyim, Lula Nadia 2024-01-28 2024-01-28 15 1 181 193 10.31943/gw.v15i1.667 Soil erosion management using The Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) model in Semantok Watershed <p>The land use characteristics in the Semantok watershed have a significant impact on the reservoir's usable age. According to the land use patterns, including teak woods, rice fields, moorlands, dry fields, and residential areas, the Semantok watershed has the capacity to carry sediment when it rains. One of the models to analyze surface runoff and sediment is the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT). SWAT was developed to predict the impact of land management practices on water, sediment and agricultural chemical yields in large complex watersheds with varying soils, land use and management conditions over long periods of time. The purpose of this research is to quantify the amount of erosion and sedimentation that results from land use changes in the Semantok watershed in 2015 and 2021 and to determine management scenarios that can reduce the value of erosion and sedimentation that can implemented upstream of the Semantok dam using SWAT. The data used for the research are climatology data, DEM map, landuse map, and river data. The amount of erosion at the Semantok watershed outlet increased from 7.00 mm/year in 2015 to 14.18 mm/year in 2021. Based on Forestry Ministerial Regulation No. P.61/Menhut-II/2014, the Semantok watershed's carrying capacity is 3.95 falling into the pretty bad category (3.5 &lt; DDD &lt; 4.3). Three scenarios were compared in order to carry out control efforts: revegetation, check dams, and combining revegetation and check dams. The most efficient way to reduce erosion by up to 30.51% is to combine revegetation and check dam.</p> Oktavia Triana Kurniawati Dian Sisinggih Very Dermawan Copyright (c) 2024 Oktavia Triana Kurniawati, Dian Sisinggih, Very Dermawan 2024-01-30 2024-01-30 15 1 181 194 10.31943/gw.v15i1.592 Analysis of Silica-Hexadecyltrimethoxysilane Nanosol Hybrids through optimization of Silica Nanosol Concentration and determining fabric types on Hydrophobicity <p>An analysis of the silica nanosol-hexadecyltrimethoxysilane hybrid has been carried out through optimizing the concentration of silica nanosol and determining the type of fabric regarding hydrophobicity. This research began with the synthesis of silica nanosol via the sol-gel method, where TEOS as a precursor was dissolved in a mixture of ethanol-distilled water with a base catalyst with a contact time of 2 hours. The concentration of silica nanosol was varied by 0.025, 0.05, and 0.075 mol. The dip-coating method was used to coat the fabric with nanosol, with a tensile rate of 3 cm per second. Then the fabric was re-coated with silica nanosol in HDTMS solution (4% wt/wt ethanol) and dried in a 120°C oven for 10 minutes. This research tested calico, cotton and mori fabrics. A Canon DSLR camera with a Thamron 100mm lens was used to measure the contact angle of the fabric surface. ImageJ software processes images to obtain contact angle values on the fabric surface. The fabric was then characterized using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and the silica nanosol was characterized using a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). The optimum concentration of silica-hdtms nanosol was obtained at a concentration of 0.075 mol with surface contact angles of cotton, mori and calico fabrics of 134, 132 and 135°. The flow speed of water with a slope of 100 on cotton, mori, and calico fabric produces flow speeds of 3.3, 6, and 5 m/s.</p> Zimon Pereiz Chuchita Chuchita Efriyana Oksal Stepanus Fredi Manurung Copyright (c) 2024 Zimon Pereiz, Chuchita, Efriyana Oksal, Stepanus Fredi Manurung 2024-02-04 2024-02-04 15 1 195 210 10.31943/gw.v15i1.606 Recalculation of Pump Speed and Stroke Length to Increase Production Rate and Volumetric Efficiency of HPU Well BTN-01 <p>In the "BTN-01" well, one of the wells is owned by KSO PT PERTAMINA EP PT Sarana GSS Trembul. The "BTN-01" well is installed with a hydraulic pumping unit pump that experiences decreasing production, and based on tests on January 30, 2023, the output of the "BTN-01" well produces only 216 bfpd with 98% of water cut. The pump operates on 8 SPM of pump speed and 74-inch stroke length, with 43% of volumetric efficiency. As per theory, a proper design of hydraulic pumping unit pump will produce a volumetric efficiency value above 70%. To overcome this problem, it is necessary to perform research, started with an evaluation on the existing design and continue to quantitative research by recalculating the optimum production rate from IPR calculation, recalculating pump speed, recalculating pump stroke length, and recalculating volumetric efficiency to achieve higher value on both production rate and volumetric efficiency of the pump. In the "BTN-01" well, IPR was calculated by the Wiggins method, and it is known that the oil production rate is 5.53 bopd, 421.96 bwpd of water rate, and the fluid production rate is 427.5 bfpd. Based on the results of HPU redesign and recalculation of the optimum production rate, the new value of pump speed is 7 SPM (existing 8 SPM), the pump stroke length is 70 inches (existing 74 inches) with a volumetric efficiency of 78.45% (existing 43%) that can be called optimal.</p> Adrian Indarti Muhamad Bintang Fitri Copyright (c) 2024 Adrian Indarti, Muhamad Bintang Fitri 2024-02-05 2024-02-05 15 1 211 218 10.31943/gw.v15i1.634 The attractiveness of rural tourism as special interest tourism: Case study on natural attractions in Bogor District <p>Tourism has become an activity of the needs of society in general, Tourism has become the main necessity of human life so that many tourists want to take a vacation to tourist attractions that they are interested in. There is a gap/problem that can be seen from this phenomenon, namely along with the development of tourism there is a problem called mass-tourism. Mass tourism occurs due to activities focused only on the most popular tourist attractions. This research was conducted to determine the potential for special interest tourism activities in Bogor Regency to minimize potential of mass tourism. The research method used qualitative methods with a case study approach. Data collection carried out is literature review, in-depth interviews, survey, and documentation. The interview data collected was analysed using triangulation techniques. Bogor Regency has a geographical type that falls into the category of rural tourism, which is dominated by highlands and many natural attractions have 20 attractions in the particular interest tourism category. Unique interest tourism attractions such as nature trekking, camping, mountain hiking, forest exploration, tourist / traditional villages, and agro-tourism. Tourists are interested in visiting special interest tourism objects with the highest percentage of 85.7%. The uniqueness and Novelty of this research is done to find out special interest tourism attractions in Bogor regency. The topic of previous research that is used as a reference in this research is tourism potential and tourism development strategies in Bogor regency.</p> Triandi pradana Vera Simamora Ivana Valencia Erwen Copyright (c) 2024 Triandi pradana, Vera Simamora, Ivana Valencia Erwen 2024-02-05 2024-02-05 15 1 219 227 10.31943/gw.v15i1.632 Change management strategy in the implementation of electronic medical record system in the era of digital transformation: Case study at Rahman Rahim Hospital <p>The problems faced by Rahman Rahim Hospital are related to implementing an electronic medical record system, so it is necessary to implement a change management strategy at the hospital. This study aims to determine change management strategies in implementing the medical record system at Rahman Rahm Hospital. The approach used in this research is descriptive qualitative. The population in this study were all employees of Rahman Rahim Sidaorjo Hospital. The sample for this research is informants or sources who are competent in providing information related to the topic of this study, namely the hospital director, head of HRD, director of medical services, and head of the IT TEAM. Data collection using interviews, observation, and documentation techniques. The data analysis used is qualitative descriptive analysis. The research results show that the duration factor and awareness of the appropriate duration have helped Rahman Rahim Hospital reduce potential resistance and discomfort during the transition, paving the way for smooth adoption. Second, the integrity factor, system integration with established clinical processes, and maintaining data accuracy are the keys for Rahman Rahim Hospital to reduce conflict and increase staff and medical practitioners' acceptance of change. Third, the commitment factor, concrete efforts, such as effective communication, active participation, and ongoing support, are used by Rahman Rahim Hospital to build strong commitment at all levels of the organization. Fourth, the effort factor and investment in human and financial resources, together with managing obstacles and challenges through strategies such as employee training, expert consultants, and improving technological infrastructure, are the keys to Rahman Rahim Hospital in optimizing efforts to face digital transformation.</p> Nurmaidah Nurmaidah Nanik Kustiningsih Sri Rahayu Copyright (c) 2024 Nurmaidah, Nanik Kustiningsih, Sri Rahayu 2024-02-06 2024-02-06 15 1 228 238 10.31943/gw.v15i1.656 Thematic ethno-based learning math skills in ethnomathematics-based learning <p>This research aims to determine and describe mathematical abilities in ethnomathematics-based learning. The method used in the research is a systematic literature review. The results of article selection from 53 articles published from 2019-2023 based on the ERIC and Scopus databases found 5 articles that met the research objectives. The results of the identification and analysis of articles found that ethnomathematics-based learning can improve mathematical understanding abilities, problem-solving abilities, creative thinking abilities, higher-order thinking abilities, and mathematical connection abilities. Ethnomathematics-based learning can improve students' mathematical abilities. However, existing research has yet to reveal the full range of students' mathematical abilities in learning mathematics. This can be used as a reference for further research.</p> Al Zikir Walid Walid Bambang Eko Susilo Iqbal Kharisudin Zaenuri Zaenuri Sugiman Sugiman Copyright (c) 2024 Al Zikir, Walid Walid, Bambang Eko Susilo, Iqbal Kharisudin, Zaenuri Zaenuri, Sugiman 2024-02-07 2024-02-07 15 1 239 246 10.31943/gw.v15i1.608 Corporate communication, public relations, and mobility in communication crisis handling in the insurance industry <p>Currently, a communication crisis continues to be seen as a frightening menace that may disrupt the seamless operation of many activities in social life, business, and organizations. Instances of communication crises have perennially occurred within enterprises and organizations. This phenomenon is not limited to external communication with audiences outside the corporation or organization but may also manifest inside and within the organization itself. Effective communication is crucial in successfully navigating through the crisis. The coordination of crisis management within an organization or corporation is handled mainly by the Corporate Communication CC and Public Relations/PR departments. Corporate communication and public relations officers must be able to analyze the causes and repercussions of crises, formulate plans to resolve them, and enhance the organization's image. These skills are essential in coordinating with other departments. The study aims to assess and investigate crisis management processes from a Corporate Communication and Public Relations viewpoint. It focuses on the digital era, where efficient crisis-handling protocols are necessary due to the need for high mobility and the use of technology. This study is grounded on a qualitative methodology that utilizes phenomenological approaches. The decision to use phenomenology was based on the informants' experiences prioritizing objectives, namely the functionaries in the two departments, to better understand the challenges encountered. The final results demonstrate that the crisis management process begins when a possible crisis is identified, including methods for preventative measures and preparedness in the event of a crisis.</p> Natasha Constantin Irwansyah Irwansyah Copyright (c) 2024 Natasha Constantin, Irwansyah 2024-02-08 2024-02-08 15 1 247 262 10.31943/gw.v15i1.626 The association between human development and citizen happiness in Indonesia: Study at 34 Provinces of Indonesia <p>Work on happiness and human development share a common lineage, both have been driven partly by an interest in understanding and measuring human progress and well-being. The paradox of the relationship between human development and happiness encourages us to examine the factors that influence happiness. The study of happiness is considered to be important in public administration due to public administration's concern with the relationship between government and society. For policies and programs to be truly effective to this end, they must gain a better understanding of happiness. This research uses a quantitative approach as the research design with the correlational study. This study uses two units of analysis, the first one being provinces in Indonesia and the second one being people. The Provincial data used are taken from the Central Bureau of Statistics (Badan Pusat Statistik) (BPS), about 34 Provinces. The second level unit is individuals or people and uses data from Survey Pengukuran Tingkat Kebahagian (SPTK) 2017 conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), which consists of 72,317 household heads. The result shows that human development is associated with citizen happiness in Indonesia. Overall, HDI is associated with happiness. These findings suggest that improving human development is fundamental for the happiness of Indonesian citizens, especially improving expected years of schooling, mean years of schooling, and income per capita.</p> Imam Hanafi Sekar Aqila Salsabilla Copyright (c) 2024 Imam Hanafi, Sekar Aqila Salsabilla 2024-02-08 2024-02-08 15 1 263 274 10.31943/gw.v15i1.633 Social media as a primary source of information: Exploring its role in disseminating the current situation in Palestine <p>The proliferation of social media has changed the global information paradigm, enabling immediate and direct access to breaking news. This research examines the role of social media as a primary source of information, focusing on the context of the conflict in Palestine. Through a qualitative desk research approach, it explores how social media contributes to disseminating current events in Palestine. The analysis involved a review of literature related to social media development, conflict information dynamics, and its impact on public opinion. The results show that social media has become an essential tool in accelerating and expanding the reach of information about the situation in Palestine. Individual actions, such as sharing news or personal views, can trigger significant public responses and shape narratives that influence global perceptions. Moreover, the active engagement of social media users in relaying actual information plays a key role in shaping opinions and attitudes toward the conflict. This research provides insight into the complex dynamics of social media as a key source of information, illustrating how information is disseminated and understood in the context of the Palestinian conflict. The implications of this research can contribute to further understanding social media's role in shaping public opinion and influencing the global narrative on sensitive issues such as the Palestinian conflict.</p> Nadya Ayu Maharani Maharani Copyright (c) 2024 Nadya Ayu Maharani 2024-02-08 2024-02-08 15 1 275 281 10.31943/gw.v15i1.628 Village Fund Management in Community Empowerment: Study in Bendan Village, Banyudono Subdistrict, Boyolali Regency <p>This research aims to describe the implementation of village fund management in community empowerment and to determine several factors that support and hinder the process of managing village funds in community empowerment. This research uses a qualitative method with a case study approach. The research was conducted in Bendan Village, Banyudono District, Boyolali Regency and data collection was collected using in-depth observation and interviews. The results of the research show that the management of village funds carried out by the Bendan Village government has gone very well and has been adapted to priority needs in the community, such as the post-pandemic food security program, the PKK development program for mothers, and the BUMDes formation program to manage various assets and potential. Owned by Bendan Village. The management of village funds for non-physical community empowerment is carried out in a more varied way by using the village's potential to encourage the community to be more independent in producing products such as food security programs in fish cultivation, goat cultivation, and grape cultivation. Supporting factors for managing village funds in empowering communities in Bendan Village are the timely disbursement of village funds, government policies, and the condition of local natural resources. Meanwhile, the inhibiting factors are the lack of community resources in Bendan Village and the village government's weak process of empowering the community.</p> Dheny Aprilliansyah Danang Purwanto Bagas Narendra Parahita Copyright (c) 2024 Dheny Aprilliansyah, Danang Purwanto , Bagas Narendra Parahita 2024-02-08 2024-02-08 15 1 282 294 10.31943/gw.v15i1.623 Optimizing the collection of zakat Infak and Shadaqah using digital fundraising <p>Yatim Mandiri is a national amil zakat institution that already has legitimacy through formal legal aspects in Surabaya and also has various kinds of programs to help orphans and the community. The purpose of this research of zakat infaq and shodaqah at laznas independent orphans in Surabaya. The method used in this study is a qualitative descriptive research method. For data collection techniques, researchers in this study, researchers used the theory of collecting zakat infak and shodaqah using digital fundraising. Development in zakat management is increasingly important along with the entry into the digital era. used observation and interview techniques. Development in zakat management is felt to be increasingly important along with the entry in the digital era. Apart from that, it also concerns the form of digital fundraising strategies such as websites, email marketing, social media, search, in order to collect zakat more optimally. As a result, by transforming towards using channels in digital fundraising, management and collection programs, distribution and distribution of zakat infaq and shodaqah can be carried out better while the same time being able to educate the public about the obligation to tithe.</p> Jumaati Jumaati Dahruji Dahruji Copyright (c) 2024 Jumaati, Dahruji 2024-02-09 2024-02-09 15 1 295 302 10.31943/gw.v15i1.621 The development of an integrated digital business platform as the realization of customer relationship management for student entrepreneurship at Polimedia <p>This research addresses the aforementioned challenge by proposing the Development of an Integrated Digital Business Platform as the Realization of Customer Relationship Management for Student Entrepreneurship at Polimedia. The methodology involves an in-depth analysis of existing entrepreneurship courses, business models, and current challenges faced by student-run ventures at Polimedia. A comparative study of successful integrated digital business platforms in educational institutions will also be conducted. Additionally, surveys, interviews, and focus group discussions will be utilized to gather insights from students, faculty, and stakeholders. The research will employ quantitative and qualitative approaches, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and expectations. Explore existing literature on entrepreneurship education, digital business platforms, and Customer Relationship Management to establish a theoretical framework. The proposed Integrated Digital Business Platform is anticipated to provide an efficient and centralized solution for student businesses at Polimedia, fostering growth and visibility. By implementing Customer Relationship Management principles, the platform aims to enhance student engagement, increase market reach, and contribute to the overall success of student entrepreneurship initiatives at Polimedia.</p> Tipri Rose Kartika Tri Fajar Yurmama Supiyanti Copyright (c) 2024 Tipri Rose Kartika, Tri Fajar Yurmama Supiyanti 2024-02-09 2024-02-09 15 1 303 104 10.31943/gw.v15i1.654 Knowledge management and empowering leadership affect employee performance mediated by employee development in PT. Bina Rekacipta Utama Jakarta Selatan <p>Directly or indirectly, employee performance impacts the sustainability of all company activities, which various factors can influence. This study aims to find out how to test knowledge management and empowering leadership on employee performance through employee development at PT. Bina Rekacipta Utama, South Jakarta. The research method used in this study is a quantitative approach to determine the relationship between variables in a population. While the sample used in this study is all employees who work at PT. Bina Rekacipta Utama, South Jakarta. This research uses multiple regression with Moderated Regression Analysis (MRA) to determine the effect of knowledge management and empowering leadership on employee performance mediated by employee development. Based on the research results, it was found that knowledge management and empowering leadership had a significant effect on employee performance through employee development as a mediating variable at PT. Bina Rekacipta Utama, South Jakarta. The research results are expected to have implications for implementing better knowledge management and creating independent leadership to improve employee and company performance. Employee development must also be an organization concern because it dramatically influences the overall performance of employees. Employees who have confidence in their career development will be more satisfied at work.</p> Indra Taruna Anggapradja Darwis Agustriyana Adam Faritzal Copyright (c) 2024 Indra Taruna Anggapradja, Darwis Agustriyana, Adam Faritzal 2024-02-10 2024-02-10 15 1 315 324 10.31943/gw.v15i1.557 The role of nonverbal communication in enhancing effective leadership in organizational contexts <p>In an era of business that continues to develop, successful effective leadership is the key for organizations to achieve their goals and maintain their competitiveness. The primary objective of this study is to examine how nonverbal communication contributes to leadership effectiveness. This research uses a qualitative literature study approach to explore the important role of nonverbal communication in improving effective leadership in an organizational context. Through literature analysis related to the concepts of nonverbal communication, leadership styles, and organizational dynamics, this research identifies key elements of nonverbal communication that can influence leadership effectiveness. The research results highlight the complexity of nonverbal communication interactions, including facial expressions, body language, and voice intonation, in the context of organizational leadership. The literature analysis also includes the positive impact of nonverbal communication on building interpersonal relationships, facilitating team communication, and strengthening the leadership image. This study also explores the challenges that may arise in understanding and managing nonverbal communication in diverse organizational contexts. This research provides in-depth insight into how understanding and mastering nonverbal communication can increase leadership effectiveness in managing organizational dynamics. The implications of this research are expected to provide practical guidance for leaders and professionals in developing their nonverbal communication skills to achieve more effective leadership in complex organizational environments.</p> Fauzan Azhar Copyright (c) 2024 Fauzan Azhar 2024-02-20 2024-02-20 15 1 324 333 10.31943/gw.v15i1.652 EAN and UCL Relationship to Multi-criteria Model Analyzed by Idalin et al on Several National Roads <p>In Indonesia, to determine whether a road section is a crash-prone location (LRK), accident data from the local police is required, meaning that an accident needs to occur first. The Idalin et al (2018) method is a road safety audit (AKJ) method with a multi-criteria analysis model to calculate the probability (%) without using accident data, so that it can predict accidents based on 24 road geometric parameters and traffic characteristics. The purpose of the study was to determine the correlation of the Equivalent Accident Number (EAN) and Upper Control Limit (UCL) values to the Idalin et al (2018) Method. This research was conducted on 4 national roads with different characteristics in the form of function, class, area type and road terrain slope. The results of the study are that the greater the probability value, the greater the EAN and UCL values with a high positive correlation (r2&gt; 0.82), and the weight of urban road accidents is influenced by traffic attributes (26-43%) and inter-city roads are influenced by cross-sectional conditions (23-28%).</p> Muhammad Arif Arofah Budi Hartanto Susilo Copyright (c) 2024 Muhammad Arif Arofah, Budi Hartanto Susilo 2024-02-20 2024-02-20 15 1 334 349 10.31943/gw.v15i1.657 Interpretative Flexibility of Digital Immigrant Towards Ajaib Stock Trading Application <p>The Digital Immigrant as users of financial technology, particularly Ajaib Stock Application represent a group that has witnessed the inception and evolution of digital technology, typically lacking proficiency in operating modern technological tools. This study aims to uncover the interpretative flexibility of Digital Immigrants in their experience of using the Ajaib application. The research is grounded in the Social Construction of Technology theory, Phenomenological theory, and Social Category theory. The paradigm of this research adopting a constructivist, the research approach using a qualitative approach, utilizing phenomenological research methods. Data collection techniques used in this study by semi-structured interviews and literature studies. The study reveals that Digital Immigrants demonstrate interpretative flexibility in navigating the Ajaib application amidst the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The diversity of interpretative flexibility is based on the various initial motives for using the application, categorized into motives 'because of' and 'in order to'. These motives influence interpretative flexibility concerning language, usage, and structure. Additionally, the interpretative flexibility of digital immigrants is intertwined with a wider context, reflecting various challenges encountered while engaging with the Ajaib application.</p> Sayyidah Afifah Elly Yuliawati Copyright (c) 2024 Sayyidah Afifah, Elly Yuliawati 2024-02-28 2024-02-28 15 1 350 360 10.31943/gw.v15i1.663 Interpersonal communication of young married couples in maintaining their households <p>As social beings who cannot live alone, humans need other people to fulfill their needs to interact where they will communicate, convey their will, feelings and ideas. In everyday life, no matter where it is, humans must always interact and communicate with certain people who come from groups, races, ethnicities or cultures, is a new experience that is always faced. the research method used in this research is qualitative, data collection techniques are interviews and documentation studies. The results showed that the form of communication of young couples in resolving household conflicts in Ajallase Village is a linear model, this linear model is a communication process that is said to be sufficient if one person sends a message and another person receives the message. The obstacles faced by young couples in Ajallasse Village, Cenrana District in overcoming household conflicts are egoism, low economic factors. The solution of young couples in resolving household conflicts in Ajallasse Village, Cenrana Subdistrict, Bone Regency is to try to build deeper (intimate) relationships with their respective partners, always open to their partners (communicate)</p> Intan Rosita Nurul Ilmi Idrus Kurniati Abidin Muhammad Basir Copyright (c) 2024 Intan Rosita, Nurul Ilmi Idrus , Kurniatiabidin Kurniatiabidin 2024-03-26 2024-03-26 15 1 361 371 10.31943/gw.v15i1.611 Acculturation of Local Culture and Islamic Teachings in Bayan, North Lombok Regency A Review of Symbolic Interaction in Cultural Communication <p>This research discusses the acculturation of local culture and Islamic teachings and how it is practiced in daily life in Bayan, North Lombok Regency. The purpose of this research is to find the acculturation of culture and Islamic teachings as well as the meaning of symbols agreed upon by the community in practice by the Sasak people of the Bayan tribe. This research is a descriptive analysis type of qualitative research. The subjects of this research are traditional leaders and community leaders who are native Bayan people who know the ins and outs of Islam in Bayan. The data collection techniques used are observation, interview, documentation. Then the data analysis techniques used are data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion drawing (Verification). The results showed that the understanding of animism and dynamism of the Bayan community before knowing Islam contributed to a new culture in the religious practices of Wetu Telu Islam. In practice, Wetu Telu Islam is different from the real teachings of Islam. Customary rituals must be involved in the practice of Islam so that their perception of performing religious rituals means following the traditions of the ancestors practiced for generations. Symbolic meaning in the symbols of Wetu Telu Islamic rituals is carried out by each individual actively and voluntarily, so that in the end each individual has a role in the implementation of the ritual. The communication process then occurs in the formation of the role. so that the wider bayan community privileges the meaning behind the Wetu Telu Islamic symbols.</p> Moya Hamdani Copyright (c) 2024 Moya Hamdani 2024-03-27 2024-03-27 15 1 10.31943/gw.v15i1.613 Seismic performance analysis of building structures using high damping rubber bearings <p>The problem in this study is how the performance of building structures that have horizontal irregularities using fixed base structures and High Damping Rubber Bearing (HDRB) basic isolated structures. As well as how the performance of building structures compares with horizontal irregularities using HDRB compared to fixed base structures. The purpose of the study was to analyze the effect of the performance of reinforced concrete building structures with horizontal irregularities using fixed base structures and HDRB type basic isolation structures, as well as analyze the comparison of structural performance responses when seismic forces occur on a fixed base and base isolation structures using HDRB in terms of natural periods, shape modes, mass participation, basic shear forces (base shear), story drift, horizontal irregularity, and the influence of the p-delta. This research method is to carry out equivalent static analysis at the initial stage of analysis to obtain minimum force values ​​in the dynamic analysis of the response spectrum in accordance with the provisions of SNI 1726:2019 with the help of Etabs software version V.19. After obtaining the force in the response spectrum analysis results, proceed with designing the structural element reinforcement. Then final stage analysis with non-linear time history analysis (NLTHA) to assess the performance of the building structure. The dynamic analysis of the spectrum response uses spectrum response data for the city of Bengkulu taken from RSA 2021. Meanwhile, the NLTHA analysis uses 7 pairs of horizontal acceleration components selected and matched from individual recordings of MCER ground motion events.The results of this study show that the performance of building structures that have horizontal irregularities with HDRB has better performance than fixed base structures. Comparison of the structure's performance response during seismic forces from several parameters such as natural period, mode shapes, mass participation, base shear, story drift, horizontal irregularity, and p-delta influence. Based on the parameters of the performance of the structure, it proves that the performance of building structures with HDRB has better performance than fixed base. Based on the results of research HDRB can improve the performance of structures that have horizontal irregularities.</p> Veron Bella Anggara Rosidawani Rosidawani Hanafiah Hanafiah Siti Aisyah Nurjannah Andri Setiawan Copyright (c) 2024 Veron Bella Anggara, Rosidawani Rosidawani, Hanafiah Hanafiah, Siti Aisyah Nurjannah, Andri Setiawan 2024-04-04 2024-04-04 15 1 380 398 10.31943/gw.v15i1.659 Implementation of circuit of culture theory in Surabaya's integrated public transportation services towards the culture of choosing modern public transportation <p>This article aims to see the implementation of the circuit of culture theory in Surabaya's integrated public transportation services towards the culture of choosing modern transportation. One of the modern-based public transportation in Surabaya is the Suroboyo Bus. This research uses a qualitative descriptive method, with the help of the circuit of culture theory coined by Stuart Hall. Based on the implementation of the circuit of culture theory in this discussion, it can be seen from three aspects, namely representation, identity, and consumption. The choice of modern public transportation is seen as a cultural phenomenon in society. People tend to choose public transportation which has the best facilities, affordable fares, and makes driving safe and comfortable. The Suroboyo bus has been programmed by the Surabaya City government since 2018. One of the missions to be achieved is to make the Suroboyo bus a modern form of transportation that is popular with the public and reduces congestion. However, the number of traffic jams cannot be reduced if social control is not carried out through a civilization process, namely disciplining people's behavior and attitudes in traffic.</p> Restu Dinda Novianty Copyright (c) 2024 Restu Dinda Novianty 2024-04-04 2024-04-04 15 1 399 403 10.31943/gw.v15i1.655 Waste Pollution Classification in Indonesian Language using DistilBERT <p>In Indonesia, waste pollution poses pressing environmental and health challenges, making accurate classification vital for targeted mitigation efforts. DistilBERT emerges as a streamlined counterpart to the acclaimed BERT architecture, designed to mirror BERT's advanced linguistic comprehension but with reduced computational demands. By leveraging the essence of transfer learning, DistilBERT benefits from a wealth of information obtained from extensive textual datasets, positioning it as an ideal choice for scenarios marked by limited data accessibility. In our research, we adopted DistilBERT to address the niche challenge of classifying waste types using a constrained dataset derived from Twitter conversations in Indonesian language—a medium notorious for its concise and often ambiguous content. Notwithstanding the dataset's restricted scope and the noise inherent to Twitter, DistilBERT demonstrated an astounding efficacy, registering a precision rate of 98%. This outcome accentuates DistilBERT's capability to navigate and discern complex textual nuances even in data-restricted environments and further highlights the significance of transfer learning in contemporary natural language processing challenges, especially in contexts as critical as Indonesia's waste management efforts</p> Bambang Nursandi Abba Suganda Girsang Copyright (c) 2024 Bambang Nursandi, Abba Suganda Girsang 2024-04-04 2024-04-04 15 1 404 413 10.31943/gw.v15i1.645 Analysis of the financial capability of the Bandung City Government West Java budget 2018 – 2021 <p>This research was conducted to analyze the financial capability of the Bandung City government in West Java in 2018-2021. The approach used is financial ratio analysis which includes the ratio of independence, effectiveness, and efficiency. The data used is sourced from the Bandung City Government website from the Bandung City Budget realization report for the 2018-2021 period. The results of the analysis showed the value of independence ratio of 91.3%, effectiveness ratio of 88.4%, and efficiency ratio of 86.4%. The value of the independence ratio indicates the high financial ability of the government to finance its activities. A high effectiveness ratio indicates the country's high ability to generate revenue. High capability is indicated by a high-efficiency ratio in controlling the government budget. Overall, the results of the analysis show that the financial capability of the Bandung City government during the 2018-2021 period is in good condition. This is indicated by an independence ratio of 91.3%. The effectiveness ratio is 76%. The efficiency ratio is 86.4%. Therefore, the government needs to increase the efficiency ratio of 84.6%, this figure can still be increased so that its financial capabilities are more optimal in the future.</p> Muh Gaus Agus Munandar Copyright (c) 2024 Muh Gaus, Agus Munandar 2024-04-05 2024-04-05 15 1 414 418 10.31943/gw.v15i1.668 Patience with final year students' academic stress at Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana <p>This study is quantitative correlational research which aims to determine the relationship between patience and academic stress. In this study, researchers used a purposive sampling technique with a total of 103 participant’s final year psychology students from the 2020 class of Psychology at Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana, who were working on their TA/thesis. The research instrument uses a patience scale and an academic stress scale. This research uses Spearman product moment correlation data analysis method. The results showed a correlation of <em>r</em> = -0,212 and a significance value of 0,016 (p &lt;0,05). These results show that there is a negative relationship between patience and academic stress in final year students who are working on their thesis, which means that the higher the patience, the lower the academic stress. On the other hand, the lower the patience, the higher the academic stress. The results of this research can provide knowledge and coping for final year students who are working on their thesis so that they can increase their patience so that they can minimize academic stress when working on their thesis. This study associates the variable of patience with the variable of academic stress because the results of previous studies have not been conclusive, namely showing pro-contra results. In addition, the concept of patience is considered a positive character and is an important part of well-being which is one part of the study of positive psychology.</p> Sari Indah Pratiwi Christiana Hari Soetjiningsih Copyright (c) 2024 Sari Indah Pratiwi, Christiana Hari Soetjiningsih 2024-04-05 2024-04-05 15 1 419 425 10.31943/gw.v15i1.675 Formation of PT Bhanda Ghara Reksa logistics Indonesia's brand awareness through digital transformation <p>This research aims to understand the reasons behind PT Bhanda Ghara Reksa Logistik Indonesia's digital transformation and analyze how the company builds brand awareness through digital transformation. The research methodology employed is qualitative, using a case study approach. Data collection involves in-depth interviews, observations, and literature review. The data analysis technique used is the interactive data analysis technique by Miles and Huberman, often referred to as the data flow model, consisting of data reduction, data display, and concluding. The research findings indicate that PT BGR LI's reasons for digital transformation are to optimize services to the public and stakeholders, enabling the formation of brand awareness and fostering trust among the public and stakeholders in PT BGR LI. The way PT BGR LI builds brand awareness through digital transformation is implemented through four forms of transformation: system and service transformation, product transformation, technological transformation, and organizational culture and human resources transformation.</p> Ade Indriani Siagian Evie Ariadne Shinta Dewi Yustikasari Yustikasari Copyright (c) 2024 Ade Indriani Siagian, Evie Ariadne Shinta Dewi, Yustikasari Yustikasari 2024-04-05 2024-04-05 15 1 426 435 10.31943/gw.v15i1.676 Collaborative commerce model for MSMEs and creative industries in Parepare to face industry 4.0 towards industry 5.0 <p>With the influence of technological developments in the Era of Revolution 4.0 towards Industry 5.0, MSMEs and Creative Industries in Parepare must optimize the use of technology and collaborate in their businesses. To answer this, research was carried out to build a conceptual model of C-Commerce for MSMEs and the Parepare Creative Industry, which was used as a standard for utilizing technology and collaborative activities. Qualitative data was collected through interviews, observation, and literature review. The sample selection used purposive sampling, specifically for MSMEs and Creative Industries in Parepare that sell food products and handicrafts. The c-commerce conceptual model is based on SSM for analyzing unstructured problems and is suitable for building new and complex ecosystem models. In the research stage, the conceptual model is compared with existing rich images and then analyzed. The final results of the conceptual model are used to build a Collaborative Commerce system for MSMEs facing industry 4.0 and 5.0. The Conceptual Model for the C-Commerce system describes the application of Industry 4.0 by automating the sales process, namely the ordering, payment, and product delivery processes, and using data analysis to understand market trends, customer demand, and good supply chain collaboration to speed up time to market. Implementation of Industry 5.0 by offering personalized products by requesting products according to customer preferences and adjusting inventory levels based on data analysis and customer preferences. Product requests made by customers will provide a form of product innovation collaboration between suppliers, manufacturers, and other partners to suit customer requests.</p> Khaera Tunnisa Wahyuni Ekasasmita Andi Muhammad Bahrul Ulum Copyright (c) 2024 Khaera Tunnisa, Wahyuni Ekasasmita , Andi Muhammad Bahrul Ulum 2024-04-15 2024-04-15 15 1 436 443 10.31943/gw.v15i1.644 Dispute resolution on an insurance policy that includes an arbitration clause: a study of award 39/PDT.G/2021/PN PAL <p>This study aims to determine absolute competence or authority to adjudicate the District Court in insurance disputes with insurance policies that include dispute resolution clauses through arbitration. The method used in this study is the non-doctrinal method. The data/subject matter in this study was obtained directly from respondents through field research, namely architects who had created a work. That an insurance policy that includes an arbitration clause should be resolved through the Arbitration Board in accordance with the policy and this should nullify the authority of the district court to adjudicate a dispute arising as a result of the insurance policy. The clause in the settlement has a function for the company to be able to resolve a problem in private to maintain the good name of the company and resolve the problem in a shorter time when compared to the District Court, because of this, settlement through arbitration is the choice of insurance companies, but in practice Often lawsuits against insurance companies as guarantors agreed with the insurance policy are submitted to the District Court, resulting in discrepancies in the procedure for resolving insurance disputes.</p> Shehan Zihantara Copyright (c) 2024 Shehan Zihantara 2024-04-15 2024-04-15 15 1 444 448 10.31943/gw.v15i1.670 Financial Distress, What Factors Affect It? <p>Every company, small or large, can experience financial distress, to anticipate it, company need to know the factors that lead to financial distress. This study aimed to examine the relationship between operation cash flow, leverage, size of the company, retained earnings, director size, and audit committee on financial distress. This study used 114 manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesian stock market from the year 2018 until 2022. This research added director size and audit committee. The research uses quantitative data, and the data type used is secondary data collected from the financial reports of the companies under study listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The result showed that operation cash flow, size of company, retained earnings, and director size have negative relationships with financial distress. However, leverage and audit committees have positive relationships. Management needs to manage operating cash flow, minimize leverage, manage the size of the company and retained earnings also manage the size of the director and audit committee according to the size of the company.</p> Titi Anggraeni Hamdy Hady Febria Nalurita Copyright (c) 2024 Titi Anggraeni, Hamdy Hady, Febria Nalurita 2024-04-17 2024-04-17 15 1 449 458 10.31943/gw.v15i1.666 The influence of work culture, leadership style, and remuneration on employee performance within the regional secretariat of East Java Province <p>This study aims to analyze the influence of work culture, leadership style, and remuneration on employee performance within the Regional Secretariat of East Java Province. This research adopts a quantitative approach, which focuses on the measurement and analysis of numerical data. This approach tends to utilize structured data collection instruments, such as questionnaires or surveys, to gather data from respondents. The research findings indicate that a positive work culture, effective leadership style, and fair remuneration system have a significant positive impact on employee performance. These findings provide insights for organizations to enhance working conditions and employee satisfaction, ultimately strengthening overall organizational performance. Managerial implications include the need for a supportive work culture, the implementation of motivating leadership styles, and a transparent remuneration system. This study contributes to understanding the factors influencing employee performance in the context of the public sector, particularly within the Regional Secretariat of East Java Province.</p> Heni Purwaningsih Sri Rahayu Sundjoto Sundjoto Copyright (c) 2024 Heni Purwaningsih, Sri Rahayu, Sundjoto Sundjoto 2024-04-17 2024-04-17 15 1 459 471 10.31943/gw.v15i1.680 The effect of competence, independence, and motivation on the quality of local government internal audit in regional financial supervision at the East Java Provincial Inspectorate <p>This research investigates the influence of competence, independence and motivation on the quality of internal audits carried out by the East Java Provincial Inspectorate in the context of regional financial supervision. This study uses a quantitative approach. The population in this study was all 53 East Java Province Inspectorate auditors. Sampling in this research was a total sampling technique. The data collection method used in this research is by using a questionnaire. The data analysis technique in this research is regression analysis. This research finds a significant and positive influence of competence on internal audit quality, indicating that a higher level of competence among auditors contributes to more effective financial supervision. Independence also shows a positive and significant influence on audit quality, emphasizing the importance of auditor impartiality and autonomy in ensuring a rigorous audit of financial processes. Additionally, motivation shows a positive and significant impact on audit quality, underscoring the role of intrinsic drive in driving a proactive and holistic approach to financial oversight. These findings highlight the interaction of these factors in improving the effectiveness of internal audit in the East Java Provincial Inspectorate, explaining important dimensions that contribute to the overall quality of regional financial supervision practices. This research can contribute to academic literature in the field of internal audit, especially in the context of local government.</p> Anna Dewi Debora Silitonga Sundjoto Sundjoto Sri Rahayu Copyright (c) 2024 Anna Dewi Debora Silitonga, Sundjoto Sundjoto, Sri Rahayu 2024-04-19 2024-04-19 15 1 572 584 10.31943/gw.v15i1.682