Gema Wiralodra Gema Wiralodra en-US <p>The use of non-commercial articles will be governed by the Creative Commons Attribution license as currently approved at <a href=""></a>. This license allows users to (1) <strong>Share (</strong>copy and redistribute the material in any medium) or format; (2) <strong>Adapt (</strong>remix, transform, and build upon the material), for any purpose, even commercially.</p> (Ir. Yudhi Mahmud, M.P) (Dr. Sudirman, S.Pd.,M.Pd) Fri, 15 Sep 2023 14:14:17 +0000 OJS 60 Application of the Exoneration Clause in Consumer Protection Judging from Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 8 of 1999 concerning Consumer Protection <p>This research examines the exoneration clause's application in consumer protection in Bena Village, South Amanuban District, South Central Timor Regency. The data collection methods were interviews and literature study, with data processing and analysis carried out descriptively and qualitatively. The research results show that the application of the exoneration clause occurs in mixed-type food stalls and kiosks, while it does not apply to service businesses. Factors that influence the implementation of exoneration clauses include a lack of education from the government regarding these clauses and a lack of independent consumer literacy. In conclusion, implementing the exoneration clause in consumer protection in Bena Village is not optimal, and it is recommended that there be outreach to consumers and business actors to increase awareness of consumer rights and replace unsuitable products with better ones.</p> Melaty Belantika Ataupah, Siti Ramlah Usman, Yossie M.Y Jacob Copyright (c) 2023 Melaty Belantika Ataupah, Siti Ramlah Usman, Yossie M.Y Jacob Tue, 19 Sep 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Customer perceptions of mobile telecommunication providers in determining satisfaction and loyalty: focusing on college students <p>The increased demand for mobile services drives increasingly fierce competition among mobile telecommunications providers in Indonesia. New promotional strategies are needed, and companies are advised to determine the target group of customers to collect objective and adequate information regarding their real needs, such as college students. Therefore, this study examines college students' perceptions of adopting mobile telecommunication provider services in Indonesia. This study especially explains the effects of customer perceptions regarding service quality, price fairness, and brand image on satisfaction that leads to customer loyalty. A total sample of 208 customers of the mobile telecommunication providers in Java Island were randomly selected for the study, and the data collected was analyzed with CB-SEM. The empirical results revealed a positive significant impact of customer perceptions of service quality, price fairness, and brand image on customer satisfaction. College students’ perception of price fairness has the largest significant positive influence on customer satisfaction and loyalty. The mediation mechanism analysis also confirms that customer satisfaction partially mediates between customer perceptions of service quality and brand image. This study suggests that mobile telecommunication providers in Indonesia develop superior pricing strategies to increase customer satisfaction, leading to customer loyalty.Customer Perception</p> Ria Anggraini Simanjuntak Copyright (c) 2023 Ria Anggraini Simanjuntak Fri, 15 Sep 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Application of the geometric Brownian motion model in West Texas Intermediate crude oil price prediction <p>Crude oil is one of the primary commodities in the global economy. Crude oil prices are among the most complex and challenging to model because of the irregular, non-linear, non-stationary fluctuations in crude oil prices and their high volatility. It is essential to predict crude oil commodity prices to reduce the negative impact of fluctuations in crude oil commodity prices. Several mathematical models can be used to forecast crude oil commodity prices. One model that can be used is the <em>Geometric Brownian Motion model, </em>also known as the <em>Wiener process</em>. In this research, predictions for WTI (<em>West Texas Intermediate) </em>crude oil in 2022 were carried out using the <em>Geometric Brownian Motion model</em>. The results of this research are predictions of crude oil prices for July 2023 with iterations of 100, 200, and 1000, respectively, producing MAPE values of 6.092415%, 7.364198%, and 7.276606%.</p> Vidya Dwi Pangestika, Farikhin Farikhin, Titi Udjiani Copyright (c) 2023 Vidya Dwi Pangestika, Farikhin Farikhin, Titi Udjiani Tue, 19 Sep 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Information security incident management using iso 27035 standard <p>The data and information management process at BMKG entails certain risks related to information security incidents. There needs to be more emphasis on addressing these incidents regarding policies, procedures, technology, and human resources. This research project aims to develop an incident management system by ISO 27035 standards. Qualitative research methods have been employed for BMKG Communication Network Center case studies. The approach involves aligning information security incident management with BMKG's business processes. The outcome of this research includes creating policies, documents, and standardized procedures designed to enhance BMKG's capabilities in effectively managing and mitigating incident threats.</p> Ignatius Frank Zinatra Poetiray, Muhammad Salman Copyright (c) 2023 Ignatius Frank Zinatra Poetiray, Muhammad Salman Tue, 19 Sep 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Jaksel Slang as the Social Status of Teenager in Jakarta <p>Language in everyday life is a communication tool that is heavily influenced by the culture and background of social actors and forms a new identity for those who use it. The existing diversity of languages then forms new things and involves cultural assimilation, so that the use of bilingualism and multilingualism is found which is often found even in daily conversations. In its development, language then creates complex phenomena that affect social statutes in society and in social interaction. The use of South Jakarta Slang places its users in a certain social status so that they are considered more slang. Slang is moving into the culture of people by switching code not only to put the level of interaction, but also to give a more appropriate impression because there are some words that are more appropriate to use in their explanations. Everyone is expected to be able to use any type or style of slang, but must see who is the subject of the other person because language is very important and is one of the tools of communication, so don't trigger conflicts due to disagreements in using language.</p> Aloina Majesty Tarigan Copyright (c) 2023 Aloina Majesty Tarigan Sun, 24 Sep 2023 00:00:00 +0000